Wireless Subwoofer Specifications 

Power Supply: 100V~240V ac, 50Hz/60Hz, 0.25A (Max.)
Power Consumption: 40w 
Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ +35℃ 
Color: Silver, Black and Red 
Dimensions: 14” (H) X 9.8”(W)X7.7”(D)
Weight: 3.8 KG 
Net Volume: 6 Litre
5.25” Full Range High Fidelity Transducer with neodymium magnet
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 85 db
Wireless Connection:  2.402- 2.480 GHz (Wi-Fi)
Trnasmitter Power: 15 dbm (max.)

Main Components of LMS-50
Section Component Brand
AC/DC Power Rectifier Bridge ASEMI, Taiwan
 MOS Transistor FAIRCHILD, U.S.
Y Capacitor TDK, Japan 
Optocoupler Everlight, Taiwan
IC/PWM System General, Taiwan
Master Control Board  Wifi Module MTK, Taiwan 
Amplifier TI, U.S.
 Wifi Power Driver TI, U.S.
DSP (Digital Signal Processor) AKM, Japan,